Microsoft develops technology against online pedophilia Print
Friday, 18 December 2009 12:10
Microsoft has developed software that aims to reduce the online trade in child pornography images.

According to computer giant, the PhotoDNA identify pictures in less than five milliseconds, with an accuracy of 98 percent.


The manufacturer shall also ensure that technology, however given to a U.S. organization that seeks missing children, that the false alarms are given only one in a thousand million times.

In this particular case, the images are analyzed so that they can be compared with other images of child pornography, known and stored in digital library of the institution, writes the New York Times.

The PhotoDNA based on a technology called "robust hashing" ; that calculates the characteristics of a given digital image - his fingerprint or "hash value";- comparing it to other copies of itself ; Like humans, each picture has its peculiaritie; the company said in a statement which explains the new software.

In parallel with this initiative, Microsoft officials put forward the company intends to implement the new technology in online services such as Bing or Windows Live, with the collaboration of other service providers.