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Complaints Procedure

If a member of the public has any complaint regarding the conduct of Linha Alerta in the fulfillment of its duties, he may submit a complaint. Being a member of the INHOPE association, Linha Alerta adheres to its code of practice, which may be consulted at: http://linhaalerta.internetsegura.pt/images//inhope%2520cop_v1.pdf.

The complaint procedures are:

a) On a first stage the complaint should be submitted to Linha Alerta by email using the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This complaint should clearly state the activity or report that it concerns. It should also be clearly stated what part of the INHOPE's code of practice or Linha Alerta internal procedures have been violated or disrespected. The complainant should supply he's full name and contact details (the minimum accepted will be an email and a telephone number). Complaints that contain invalid or insufficient contacts will not be accepted.

b) If the complain contains contact details that appear to be invalid, this service will contact the complainant through the email apparently used to send the complain, asking for valid contacts to be supplied. The complain will not be accepted until valid details are supplied.

c) In the presence of a valid complain, this service will confirm it's reception and give an response within 3 working days. 

d) If the complainant thinks that he has not received an adequate response, he can submit it's complain directly to the Linha Alerta Manager. This should be done through registered postal mail sent to:

Linha Alerta Manager
Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN)
Av. do Brasil, 101
1700-066 Lisboa Portugal

e) Only signed complaints with valid complainant contacts will be accepted. Once again the complain should clearly state in how or in what extent Linha Alerta has disrespected the INHOPE's code of practice or Linha Alerta internal procedures. It is also convenient (but not mandatory)  that the complainant states what should be done to correct the situation reported in the complain.

f) The service manager should reply within 8 working days, counting from the reception of the complain.

g) If the complainant keeps unsatisfied with the service manager response he should forward his complain to the INHOPE association.

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