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Report Illegal Contents

This form is for reporting illegal content on the Internet in an anonymous or identified (in case you'd like to receive feedback about your report ) fashion. Follow the steps below filling, at least, the fields marked with (mandatory).

Type of illegal content:
Type in the type of illegal content you wish to report. (See 'Illegal Content' section of this site)
Child abuse material
Incitement to violence material
Incitement to racism material

Location of content:
Type in the address of the allegged illegal content (eg. linhaalerta.internetsegura.pt).
You can also use this field to report contents distributed over P2P networks (eg: link ed2k, torrent, etc...)

How did you find the location?:
The means through which you had knowledge of the location of this content.
Instant Messaging
IRC / Chat
P2P - Peer to Peer

Additional information:
Other information you consider useful for analisys or criminal investigation by law enforcement.

The report may be anonymous or identified. In the latter case, please supply your Name.

An identified report requires an E-mail address, where an iddentifier of the report will be sent.

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